Our Story

Humble beginnings

It all started with a new mother wanting to dress her little one and her husband up for the new year. The designs she liked, didn’t offer options for Papa or Mama. The designs that came in family sizes simply didn’t pique her interest. And hence began the dreaming, the sandcastles in the air. Fieldtrip days was born out of her labour of love and her determination to bring essential, enduring and versatile clothing to the littles of Singapore (and beyond), and their family too.

3 years in the making

Challenges and blessings – Whoever said chasing a dream would be easy? Juggling a day job, a newborn, financial commitments, all amidst the height of covid lockdowns and bringing her visions to life was a struggle to say the least. Another baby and a pandemic later, here we are, finally a glimpse of fruition.

Our Vision

Here at Fieldtrip Days, we aim to bring a little something for everyone. We create simple, beautiful pieces that that will take you anywhere - from home, to your next little adventure. Take some time out for a little fieldtrip. You’ll be surprised what you gain along the way. Never lose your sense of wonder (wander).